Operational and Occupational Safety Is Always a Top Priority.

Working to Build the Strongest Safety Culture in the Sugar Business

Workplace safety is one of our core focus areas. We ask every employee to help make our company a safe place to work by getting involved in safety meetings, making safety suggestions, reporting safety hazards, and encouraging fellow workers to make safety their number one priority.

  • American Crystal Sugar Company’s most important resource is our people.
  • The safety of our people is fundamental to our success. It is an essential component of achieving productivity, quality, and profitability.
  • Every individual has a duty to protect their personal safety and the safety of their coworkers.
  • All accidents are preventable; we must strive to eliminate unsafe conditions, unsafe work practices, and unsafe attitudes.
  • As active promoters of safety we must educate, protect, and supply the proper equipment to ensure a safe working environment and a healthy workforce.
  • Our pursuit of safety must be relentless. Our progress must be measured, tracked, communicated, and recognized.

Our goal is for all employees to work together to achieve the safest possible workplace. This extends to all contractors and vendors working on our premises.

Safety Data Sheets


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