Choose the Best Sugarbeet Varieties for Each Field.

American Crystal Sugar Company Tools for Variety Selection

Growers and agricultural staff should jointly review the sugarbeet production history of each field prior to planting. This review helps growers select sugarbeet seed varieties with the best combination of disease resistance and revenue potential for each field.

Variety Selector

The Variety Selector is intended to assist growers in selecting appropriate seed varieties by identifying varieties with characteristics that are known to be consistent with the information provided by the grower. (New Format)

Official Coded Variety Trials

Variety & Freight Comparison Calculator- Members only
This application allows the user to compare 2 seed varieties and look at their differences. It also gives the user the ability to compare freight costs across three different receiving stations.

Seed Calculator
By filling in the required data in the shaded boxes, this application will determine how much seed you'll need to purchase this year.

Ag Notes


Disease and Insect Management Presentations

  • 2020 (cercospora & root diseases)
  • 2018 (cercospora, fusarium, root aphids, springtail, wireworm, root maggot)
  • 2017 (rhizoctonia, aphanomyces, root maggot, cercospora)
  • 2016 (root maggot, rhizoctonia, cercospora)
  • 2015 (root maggot, root aphids, rhizomania)
  • 2014 (root aphids, fusarium, rhizoctonia)
  • 2013 (rhizoctonia, fusarium, aphanomyces, erwinia) 
  • 2013 (root maggot, leaf hoppers, spider mites, root aphids)    
  • 2012 (aphanomyces, cercospora, fusarium, rhizoctonia, rhizomania, root aphid, root maggot, springtail)

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