Make the Right Formulation, Right Now.

Calculate the Herbicide Rate for Your Upcoming Application.

  • Use the Sugarbeet Production Guide and Product Labels.
  • Include HSMOC if using Glyphosate with Micro-rates.
  • If using Micro-rate with NO Glyphosate use MSO.
  • If using Conventional rates don't use HSMOC or MSO.
  • If using Conventional rates don't tankmix Grass Herbicides.
  • "Gallons In Tank" is how full you fill the spray tank.
  • Gal./acre is total acres covered as in a broadcast app, NOT as gal./treated acre in a band. All rates should be entered as a Broadcast Rate. Banded Acre amounts of product are calculated by filling in “Row Width” and “Band Width” values.
  • Herbicides are listed in mixing order.

Herbicide Rate and Sprayer Info entry is the responsibility of the user. User should consult product labels and sugarbeet production guide.