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630 - Spin-Aid Granted Section 24c Label in Minnesota & North Dakota

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A Section 24c label for special local needs has been granted for Spin-Aid use in sugarbeet in Minnesota and North Dakota. The Minnesota and North Dakota State Departments of Ag and the EPA have approved a 24c label for Spin-Aid for the control of glyphosate resistant kochia and common lambsquarters in sugarbeets.

Research supporting the Section 24c label for Spin-Aid was conducted by Dr. Tom Peters Extension Sugarbeet Weed Specialist. His research demonstrated sugarbeet tolerance and weed control from Spin-Aid. Belchim USA is the registrant and manufacturer of Spin-Aid and is committed to obtaining a full Section 3 label in sugarbeet.

The active ingredient in Spin-Aid, phenmedipham, is not a stranger to the sugarbeet industry. It was 1st registered for use in the 1970’s as the product Betanal. Then in the 1980’s it was in the herbicide Betamix, which was a mix of the active ingredients phenmedipham and desmedipham. Registration of Betamix was cancelled in 2014 and since that time only existing product has been available and allowed for use.

With the Spin-Aid 24c label, it is now the only current active label containing phenmedipham for use on sugarbeets. Any remaining existing stocks of Betamix in grower’s hands can still be used as well.

Phenmedipham is the active ingredient in Betamix that provided control of kochia and common lambsquarters. Desmedipham was the component in Betamix that provided pigweed control.

Spin-Aid use will be focused on improving control of emerged kochia and common lambsquarters.

Notes for Spin-Aid use in sugarbeet:

  • Target small weeds
  • Target “dime” (ideally) to “quarter” size kochia. Larger weeds will not be controlled as effectively
  • Spin-Aid rate is dependent on sugarbeet & weed size
  • A repeat application is required for best control
  • Tank-mix Spin-Aid with glyphosate and ethofumesate
  • Use AMS @ 8.5 lb/100 gal water
  • Use an adjuvant: NIS @ 0.25% or HSMOC @ 1.0 -1.5 pt./acre
  • Broadcast application volume @ 20-30 gallons/acre
  • 3 Spin-Aid applications maximum & do not exceed a total of 6 pints/acre
  • 75-day Pre-Harvest Interval

Contact your American Crystal Agriculturist for the most up-to-date information on issues affecting sugarbeets in your area.