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628 - PPI & PRE Herbicides

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Set the Base for 2023 Weed Control

Use soil applied herbicides pre-plant incorporated (PPI) or preemergence (PRE) to control glyphosate resistant kochia and waterhemp prior to sugarbeet emergence.  This proactive control measure sets the base for the growing season’s weed control program since there is limited effectiveness of post emergence herbicide options.  Also, lay-by soil applied herbicides (Dual Magnum, Outlook, & Warrant) cannot be applied until the sugarbeet 2-leaf stage.
Pre-Plant Incorporation (PPI): Herbicide applied to soil and lightly incorporated (depth of 2” or less). Often applied to soil before the initial spring tillage with ground sprayer or with spray bar mounted to spring tillage equipment.  
Pre-emergence (PRE): Herbicide applied to soil after the crop has been planted but before it has emerged.

  • Coverage is key when applying soil applied herbicides
    • Apply using 15 gallons of water/acre and with coarse droplets

  • Rainfall is needed to activate soil applied herbicides
    • PPI applications of ethofumesate can help in activation
Kochia – Acres with glyphosate resistant kochia are increasing
  • Kochia emerges early, even before fields may be ready to be planted 
    • Tillage prior to planting can take care of early emergers 
      • Shoveled type implements may perform better at this task
      • Vertical tillage systems may not be sufficient to cut kochia off
    • A Gramoxone application prior to sugarbeet emergence may be needed to control already emerged kochia
      • Care should be taken as emerged sugarbeets will be killed
  • PPI or PRE herbicide application: A high rate of ethofumesate is required to provide effective kochia control
    • Rate of 5 – 7.5 pts./acre (minimum rate of 5 pts./acre is required)
    • Ethofumesate products are:  Nortron SC; Ethotron SC; Ethofumesate SC; Nextron SC
  • Waterhemp can emerge at the same time as sugarbeets, especially in later planted years, and will continue to emerge throughout the growing season
  • A PPI/PRE application provides weed control until a lay-by herbicide can be applied at the 2-leaf sugarbeet stage
  • A layered soil applied herbicide plan offers the best control
    • Layered = PPI/PRE followed by split Lay-by herbicide applications  
  • Options for PPI/PRE:  Dual Magnum Pre, Ethofumesate PPI, or both as a PRE

Notes on PPI and Pre Herbicide Options