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608 - Crystal Sugarbeet Seed General Manager Larry Ronsberg Retires

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Crystal Sugarbeet Seed General Manager Larry Ronsberg Retires

After 38 “high quality and high yielding years” with American Crystal Sugar Company’s Sugarbeet Seed Division, Larry Ronsberg has retired. Larry was most recently General Manager of the Beet Seed Division where he managed for 21 years. Over the years, Larry has provided numerous contributions and has witnessed many changes within the sugarbeet seed industry. In Larry’s multiple trips to the Willamette Valley of Oregon, he focused on bringing high quality seed to the growers of American Crystal Sugar Company. Larry oversaw Beet Seed Division activities including selection, testing, production and sale of sugarbeet seed. He also managed the selection of new sugarbeet seed varieties, production, processing, coating, treating and marketing of sugarbeet varieties. Larry oversaw the Official Variety Trial program and variety approval policy to provide shareholders with the best data for their variety selections. During the early portion of his retirement, Larry has already been busy working on a new set of numbers, those involving strokes and rounds of golf along with miles travelled on planned trips. We wish Larry and his family well in his new role as an American Crystal retiree!

Tyler Grove, Joe Hastings Accept New Responsibilities

With Larry’s retirement, Tyler Grove has been named General Manager of Crystal Sugarbeet Seed. He assumed these duties on September 4 after holding the position of General Agronomist for the past five years.

Since June 10, Joe Hastings has been transitioning into his new role as General Agronomist. Joe will be responsible for
researching and communicating technical agronomic information on sugarbeet quality and production to the entire Agricultural staff and the shareholders of American Crystal Sugar Company. He will ensure the continuation and quality of the Grower Practices System, serve as editor of Ag Notes, and provide technical assistance to the Vice President of Agriculture regarding the Company’s agronomic issues. Joe will collaborate with the Allied Industry in striving for the best sugarbeets crops for our growers.

American Crystal NPK Fertilizer Calculator

NPK Fertilizer Calculator can be used to input soil test results and fertilizer prices to get fertilizer rates and cost of fertilizer:

  • The calculator is easy to use and functions well on a smartphone
  • Turning the phone horizontally expands the view

American Crystal Nitrogen Data Analysis

Data suggests the highest revenue/acre for those growers following 130 lbs. of nitrogen total (soil test + applied). 130 lbs. of nitrogen is the current recommendation for a 0 – 4’ soil sample test, and this nitrogen goal has functioned well and continues to function well with varying weather and soil conditions across production years.

  • Data suggests if applying lower than 130 lbs. of nitrogen for the 0 – 4’ soil sample; can decrease revenue per acre at an escalating rate.
  • There are areas in the RRV (heavier, higher clay content soils – Fargo Clays), where data suggests up to 160 lbs. actual nitrogen can prove to be profitable. Mine through your individual data for your area to determine where these areas are, and contact your Agriculturist to visit about these rates and to see what nitrogen rate best supports your overall production goals. The 160 lb. nitrogen rate, in terms of recoverable sugar produced, did vary somewhat by district, meaning the extra nitrogen cost was not covered when considering increased fertilizer cost along with potentially higher freight costs.
  • The data clearly suggests that striving for nitrogen goals exceeding 160 lbs. (soil test plus applied) has been counterproductive where revenue decreases were realized and the extra nitrogen input costs were not covered.

Beet Harvester Settings Tool

  • Helps diagnose a harvester that may need adjustments
  • Looks and works great on a smart phone
  • Bookmark it on the home screen of your phone for easy access