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548 - What's next for Recoverable Sugar per Acre? Can we exceed 9,500 lbs?

The 2010 crop set yet another record for American Crystal Sugar Company. The 2010 growing season was good in most respects but not always outstanding. It is certainly within sight that a 9,500 lb. RSA crop average is in the near future. To achieve this mark will require a 27.5 ton crop with 18.35% sugar and 1.05% SLM which translates to 9,515 lbs. RSA.

What went just right for the 2010 crop?

  • Very early planting of the crop
  • Superb stand establishment
  • Slightly above average GDD
  • A good stockpile harvest 

What could have been much better in 2010?

  • No excess rainfall in many areas
  • Much better root rot control
  • No serious dry spells in some areas
  • Far better weather conditions in September, warmer and drier

How will we achieve that 9,500 lbs. RSA crop in the near future?

  • Planning ahead
  • Preparing to compete
  • Participating in learning opportunities
Something to ponder:

"Second to agriculture, humbug is the biggest industry of our age." - Alfred Nobel

Take advantage of winter educational opportunities 

Activity Date Place Time
NDSU/UM Growers Seminar Feb. 1st Fargo Holiday Inn
Fargo, ND
9:15 AM
Growers Seminar Feb. 3rd St. Johns Parish Ctr.
Grafton, ND
9:15 AM
Growers Seminar Feb. 22nd Alerus Center
Grand Forks, ND
9:15 AM
International Sugarbeet Institute March 16th & 17th Fargodome
Fargo, ND
8:30 AM - 
4:30 PM
NDSU/UM seminar topics - go to for more details
  • Root disease control strategies
  • Cercospora management
  • Insect control strategies
  • Weed control
  • Fertility management
Your Way to Grow meeting winter topics - watch for details
  1. New precision farming technologies
  2. Disease management and variety selection
  3. Weed control strategies
  4. Lime use
  5. Cercospora management
  6. Nitrogen management
  7. Harvest Update
Root Maggot Fly Prediction Model

Check out this new management tool to see how it worked for your farm last year. Learn how to use the model in 2011.

Go to

Variety selection is critical to successful crop production. Refer to disease severity maps when choosing varieties.

Comprehensive disease management strategies have been developed for Rhizomania, Rhizoctonia, Aphanomyces and Fusarium. Ask for a brochure from your agriculturist.