2006 Cercospora Resistance Maps

Cercospora Resistance Maps for 2006

Comments for 2006 Internet Cercospora Resistance Maps

Eminent Resistance Map

  • Congratulations on a great job in reducing Eminent resistance in 2006
  • This map demonstrates the impact a careful spray program selection can have on resistance development
  • ND had 55 fully resistant fields in 2005 and only 28 in 2006
  • MN had 72 fully resistant fields in 2005 and only 41 in 2006
  • Follow similar strategies in 2007 to show further reductions
  • Two Moorhead townships and two at Wahpeton are very high for Eminent resistance. Over 60 % of the high risk fields are in Minn-Dak and the Moorhead Factory District
  • Partial resistance is prevalent all over the Minn-Dak area and in MN for Moorhead and Hillsboro
  • Scattered townships in Crookston, EGF, and Drayton have some risk (pink)
  • All grey and green townships could use Tin/Eminent/Headline or Eminent/Tin/Headline programs
  • + mark those fields with > 1 ppm Eminent resistance
  • None of the sections with a + or surrounding pink or red townships should have Eminent applied first, use a tin product first then Eminent then Headline in a three spray program
  • In a two spray program in these areas use a tin product then Headline, you might consider a tin + Eminent tank mix followed by Headline in such areas, but this is a costly application
  • Green or grey townships have low risk but watch for nearby +
  • One spray use only Headline, two spray program use tin/Headline and for a three spray program use Tin/Eminent/Headline

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GEM Resistance Map

  • Resistance or partial resistance went down by about 25 % in 2006, this would be consistent with the amount of Gem applied.
  • 25 townships show partial resistance to Gem
  • Headline is a better strobilurin for both Cercospora leafspot control and plant health benefits. Don't use two strobilurin applications in one season

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Headline Resistance Map

  • Essentially the entire RRV, except for one township in Minn-Dak, has no resistance to Headline
  • 34 fields had partial resistance to Headline in 2005 only 8 in 2006
  • Continuing excellent fungicide rotation programs manages resistance well
  • Never use Headline more than once per season
  • Slightly more concern in the Moorhead district and Minn-Dak

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TPTH Resistance MapĀ 

  • All Cercospora samples remain sensitive to control by tins-Congratulations

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