2008 Official Coded Variety Trials

November 2008 

Dear Crystal Sugarbeet Grower:

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The 2008 official coded variety performance trials and disease nurseries were planted at 17 sites by American Crystal and included 13 yield trial sites. Thanks to the dedicated Technical Services staff involved in official trial plot care, harvest, and analyses.

Conventional, Aphanomyces and biotech trials were planted to stand at 4.5 inches. Several sites (Angus, Averill, Hickson, Kindred, Scandia & Stephen) were lost due to wind, excess water, non-uniform emergence and poor growth. Weeds were controlled by herbicides and hand weeding as needed.

Results from the Official Variety Trials sites were good to excellent. Yield losses with rhizomania susceptible commercial checks ranged from light to moderate. Aphanomyces was less prevalent in the 2008 trials than in previous years. Revenue calculations in 2008 are based on a hypothetical $42.38 payment at 17.5% sugar and 1.5% SLM and do not consider hauling costs.

Fusarium evaluation was conducted at two Minnesota sites. The Rhizoctonia data is from Moorhead and the Aphanomyces data is from Shakopee. The USDA/ARS Rhizoctonia and RRV irrigated Aphanomyces nurseries were lost due to light and erratic disease infection.

The 2008 data has been combined with the previous years' data, and results are enclosed. Data has been combined from sites with similar rhizomania severity (light and moderate to severe). All approved biotech varieties have Rhizoctonia and Fusarium ratings included in this report.

These results and additional information for individual growing sites are available on the World Wide Web at www.crystalsugar.com. More detailed information will be printed later in the Sugarbeet Research and Extension Reports (www.sbreb.org). This information is available on the World Wide Web two to three days before the mail arrives. We are considering eliminating the mailing of copies in the future.

Click here to open a pdf file with the following information:

  1. List of varieties approved for sale to Crystal growers
  2. Multi-year performance of specialty rhizomania approved varieties under various disease levels
  3. Multi-year performance of specialty rhizomania approved varieties under various disease levels
  4. Two-year performance of all varieties from all sites (with disease ratings)
  5. Two-year performance of all Aphanomyces specialty approved varieties
  6. Trial sites, disease observations and agronomic information from all trial locations

Download Trials in Excel format (Grower Mailing - 2 year data)

Links to 2008 data only follow:

Before purchasing seed, please check to make sure the varieties you are buying are on the current approved list. In accordance with the grower contract, the cooperative has the option to refuse to purchase beets of a non-approved variety. If you have questions, please contact the Crystal Technical Services Center or your Crystal Agriculture Department.


William S. Niehaus
Official Trial Manager