Agronomy Calculators

Agronomy Calculators

Nitrogen Sidedress Calculator 

The Side Dress Calculator was developed to help growers make the decision to side dress or not and if so, how much nitrogen to apply based on criteria entered. 

Lime Calculator

The Lime Calculator is designed to aid the user in determining the value of applying factory lime to their fields. The calculator does not take into account the additional value of disease abatement on Aphanomyces infected fields. Refer to the Lime Fact Sheet for more information.

Herbicide Rate Calculator

This application will help the user calculate herbicide rates and cost per acre. Be sure to check out the reference sheets available. They provide additional information on micro rates, conventional rates, preharvest intervals, field reentry intervals and rainfast.

NPK / Fertilizer Calculator - Compare Fertilizer Costs

This tool allows you to input local prices of different types of fertilizer and soil test info to determine the best economic fit.

Seed Calculator

By filling in the required data in the shaded boxes this application will determine how much seed you'll need to purchase this year.

Beet Harvester Settings Tool

This application will help the user adjust your harvester to different soil conditions and problems you are facing in the fields.

Members Only Calculators

Variety & Freight Comparison Calculator

This application allows the user to compare 2 sugarbeet seed varieties and look at their differences. It also give the user the ability to compare freight costs across three different receiving stations.

PrePile Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to assist in prepile harvest decisions between two fields.  The calculator is not intended to calculate the actual beet payment.