ISSUE #532

532 -2009 Challenges Shouldn't Dictate 2010 Plans


The 2009 crop was characterized by unending challenges including delayed planting, excessive rainfall, a serious lack of GDD, too hot and wet in September and too cold and wet in October just to name a few. Basing 2010 and beyond agronomic decisions on lingering emotions from 2009 experiences is of little value. For example 6 of the years with highest sugar content have occurred in the past 10 years. Seven of the top 10 yields have occurred in the past 10 years. The 10 best years for SLM have all occurred in the last 10 years. Use facts from several good years to plan for 2010.

Variety Selection Decisions - Last Chance to Change

Many seed orders were placed prior to beet harvest. Don't order seed and then attempt to match it to the needs of each field. Determine the needs of each field and then select a variety that meets the needs. The last chance to change varieties for 2010 is in December and early January. Variety selection decisions determine to a large extent:

  • Stand establishment success
  • Insecticide management strategies for 2010
  • Disease management strategies for 2010
  • Ease of harvest
  • RSA and RST
  • On-farm profit


* Based on 2-year ratings

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2009 Detailed Harvest Data: Yield and Quality by Home Station - 2009 Crop