ISSUE #529

529 - Variety Selection For Disease Management and Profitability


Yield potential for 2010 will be determined in large part by many decisions made in the late summer and fall of 2009. Which land can be rented, which field will be planted to sugarbeets, how much fertilizer will be applied, fall seedbed tillage choices and variety selection. Seed sales are being initiated earlier each fall. Variety selection locks in a given yield potential for the 2010 crop. You only have one chance to select varieties, it's imperative to get the selections right. A total of 41 Roundup Ready® varieties were on track for approval after 2 years coded trial testing in 2008. Not all varieties are suitable for planting in many fields.

Variety Selection Data Available

Your best variety selection data base will be 2009 coded variety trial data. Other information sources are available as well. They include:

  1. 2007-2008 official trial disease summary available from your agriculturist.
  2. American Crystal Grower Practices database for presently approved varieties
  3. Strip trial data
  4. Seed company test results
  5. Agriculturist/consultant advice
  6. Coded trial emergence counts

2010 Varieties Exhibit Great Yield Potential

Varieties likely to be approved for 2010 have set new standards for yield performance in past coded trials. However growers must be aware of serious disease resistance shortcomings with many varieties. Potential recoverable sugar per acre of 110,115 or even 120 percent of the mean will not be achieved when root diseases cause severe yield loss.


Ag Department Variety Disease Rating Recommendations

Disease Problem Maximum Recommended Rating
Aphanomyces 4.9


Fusarium 3.0



Rhizomania Severity and Variety Selection

529.4All Red River Valley counties except Pembina, Kittson and Marshall Counties have some fields that will benefit from being planted to high Rhizomania resistance varieties. Yield increases of 15-30 percent have been observed when planted to these varieties where they are needed.

Be sure to pick up your copy of the new harvest brochure from your agriculturist.

Poncho Beta For 2010

Poncho Beta seed treatment performed well most of the time in 2010. However growers in heavy root maggot pressure areas must choose an insecticide management program very carefully. Be sure to review NDSU research data from 2009 before making insecticide decisions for 2010.