ISSUE #492

492 - Informational Opportunities Can Fuel Your Growing Ambitions


The 2006 crop exceeded expectations of nearly everyone in the sugarbeet industry of Minnesota and North Dakota. Favorable weather is always a major part of achieving such success. However grower adoption of latest proven agronomic practices based on solid research contributed greatly to the record results in 2006. Utilizing best management practices for all controllable variables will lead to the best crop possible regardless of weather in 2007. Many winter opportunities are available to learn and acquire knowledge and then utilize it in planning for your farm business.

2007 Winter Educational Activities

  • Attend NDSU and U of MN seminars
  • Attend “Your Way to Grow” meetings with Ag staff
  • Review Blue Book data
  • Study Agronomy Gold Standard Internet information
  • Participate in planter test stand clinics
  • 2007 planning with your agriculturist
  • Model farm, top 50 grower and, grower cost bench marking data analysis
  • Ag Notes and Fact Sheets
  • Allied Industry meetings

New NDSU Soil Scientist

492Dr. Laura Overstreet has replaced Dr. Joe Giles in the Soil Science Department at NDSU. She received her PhD in 2005 at North Carolina State University. Research emphasis will be in the soil management and tillage areas.

Dr. Overstreet’s Research and Education Board projects will focus on strip tillage, soil fertility research, and continuing the highly successful Planter Test Stand clinics.