ISSUE #491

491 - Records Made to Be Broken


The 2006 crop set many high yield records for growers and American Crystal Sugar Company that are unprecedented. Just 8 years ago a record crop of 22.3 tons per acre was harvested. Many thought that record would stand for much longer than it did. The initial “Model Farm” report in 2001 predicted a crop very similar in size to the one just harvested. More than a few people scoffed at that prediction just 5 years ago.

Crop YearYield (T/A)Sugar (%)LTM (%)RSA (lbs)Total Crop (Tons)
1998 22.3 17.66 1.53 7171 10,678,828
2001 Model Farm 25.0 18.5 1.20 8650 12,500,000
2006 Crop 25.4 18.2 1.26 8611 12,664,000*

* Based on 498,600 harvested acres

Why the "Big Crop in 2006?"

  • New varieties with high yield potential
  • Excellent available stored soil water
  • Establishment of high plant populations
  • Above average GDD, especially early for row closure
  • Grower adoption of agronomy gold standard best management practices
  • Plant health benefits with fungicide use
  • Rhizomania impact was greatly reduced with new varieties
  • Very little Aphanomyces
  • Generally good weed control
  • No drown out areas
  • Few replants

Future Crop Potential

Can we expect to break the 2006 yield records anytime soon? Yes and its likely to happen in just the next 5 to 10 years. Coded trial data indicates yield potential of new Roundup Ready varieties will have improved yield potential. Plant health benefits from better agrichemicals will increase. Greater adoption of new Agronomy Gold Standard practices will increase yields. Variety development will continue to improve. Precision management of fertility will be practiced on more acres.

2006 Detailed Harvest Data:
Yield and Quality by Home Station – 2006 Crop