ISSUE #482

482 - Proper Pesticide Use Must Be A Priority


Every year American Crystal Sugar Company shareholders spend in excess of $60,000,000 for pesticides to produce a crop. Pesticides go through an extremely rigorous testing protocol before approval for their use is granted by the EPA and FDA. Strict tolerances for allowable residues in sugarbeets, sugar and by-products are established. These agencies also specify how these pesticides must be used to minimize any risk to shareholders, farm workers, the general public and the food supply. Millions of dollars are potentially at stake if illegal pesticide residues are found in a pile of sugarbeets or in a bin of sugar.


The use of unauthorized, non-registered, non-approved or prohibited pesticides is a violation of your Five Year Agreement with American Crystal Sugar Company.

Shareholder Risk

  • Loss of crop revenue
  • Liability for contaminated piles of sugarbeets or bins of sugar
  • Loss of unit retains
  • Loss of stock
  • Loss of right to grow beets
  • Fixed cost obligation
  • Penalties or fines assessed by regulatory agencies

Proper Pesticide Use Pratices

  • Use only legally registered products
  • Use all pesticides at established use rates
  • Follow label requirements for proper spray application volumes
  • Follow label plant back rotational restrictions
  • Follow preharvest intervals (PHI’s)
  • Follow field reentry restrictions
  • Use certified pesticide applicators

Proper Pesticide Use Information Is Readily Available

  • Annual NDSU/U of MN Sugarbeet Production Guide
  • ND and MN Extension Service Annual Pesticide Use Bulletins
  • Your Agriculturist
  • Your pesticide retailer or pesticide manufacturer representatives
  • County extension agents
  • Crop consultants

Always Use Personal Protective Equipment When Handling Pesticides Required Protective Equipment:

  • Chemical protective goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Protective apron or coveralls
  • Respirators
  • Appropriate hat
  • Rubber boots

Remember the shareholder (and all parties with ownership interest with the shareholder) are ultimately responsible for proper pesticide use. Failure to comply with requirements can result in losses of millions of dollars for the individual and/or for the Company.

Fact Sheets Available

The American Crystal Sugar Company Ag Department has completed printing of 7 fact sheets that discuss key factors effecting sugarbeet production. Contact your agriculturist for a three ring binder and fact sheets if you haven’t received yours.

Completed fact sheets include:

  1. Starter Fertilizer
  2. Ridge Tilling
  3. Growing Degree Days
  4. Mustang Max
  5. Zone Fertility Management
  6. Drainage Management
  7. Stand Establishment