ISSUE #470 Outlook Herbicide Labeled

470 - Outlook Herbicide Labeled


Outlook herbicide received a full section 3 label late in 2004. It was originally used in Minnesota and North Dakota under a section 18 label for the 2003 cropping season.

Facts About Outlook Use In 2003

  • Over 17 percent of all acres treated in Minnesota and North Dakota
  • Twenty-seven percent rated weed control excellent
  • Fifty-six percent rated weed control good
  • Twelve percent rated weed control fair
  • Six percent rated weed control poor
  • Fifty-six percent rated injury as none
  • Thirty-five percent rated injury as slight
  • No one rated injury as severe

Outlook Use Recommendations for 2005

  • Apply after sugarbeets have 4 true leaves
  • Use 18 to 21 oz. per acre on medium and fine textured soils
  • Can split apply Outlook at 14 day intervals
  • Application on two leaf beets increases risk of injury, Table 1
  • Outlook can be tank mixed with MR
  • Outlook needs less rainfall than Dual to be activated
  • Tank mixing with third MR may be ideal timing
  • Never apply layby Outlook over soil applied Nortron
  • Rotary hoeing or other incorporation improves performance

Table 1: Risk of Sugarbeet Injury From Outlook at Various Growth Stages. Dr. Alan Dexter, St. Thomas, 1999 

TreatmentSugarbeet Leaf StageSugarbeet Injury - %
Outlook High Rate Coty - 2 Leaf 31
Outlook High Rate 2 - 4 Leaf 18
Outlook High Rate 4 - 8 Leaf 0

When to Use Outlook For Best Value

  • In fields with low stands
  • In fields with numerous gaps and skips
  • In fields with moderate to severe pigweed pressure
  • Best success if applied just ahead of a rain


Find Out More

To find out more about Outlook use contact your agriculturist, university specialists, consultants or a BASF representative.

Other Laybys

For more information on layby Dual and layby Treflan see the 2005 Pocket Production Guide or Ag Notes #439, June 3, 2003.

Remember layby herbicides do not control emerged weeds at time of application.

Dr. Joseph Giles, NDSU Soil Scientist Retires June 30, 2005

Joe Giles has been a dedicated friend of the sugarbeet industry in Minnesota and North Dakota for over twenty-six years.

470.gilesA number of traits served Joe so successfully throughout his career:

  • Farm background
  • Trustworthy team member
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Always even tempered
  • Loves interaction with people
  • Strong work ethic

Dr. Giles research and extension activities have left the sugarbeet industry more successful and profitable than it was.

Career successes include:

  • Hundreds of planter test stand clinics
  • Development of ridge tilling - seedbed moisture management system
  • Planter use and maintenance
  • Improved seedbed preparation practices
  • Soil compaction and deep tillage studies
  • Liming and soil amendment studies
  • Rhizomania management research
  • Research and Education Board website development

Dr. Giles you will be missed! Best wishes for continued success in your future activities. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of all the shareholders and Ag Department at American Crystal Sugar Company.