ISSUE #455

455 - Maximizing Effectiveness of Micro-Rates


Weed control is almost always rated the number one production problem by American Crystal Sugar Company shareholders. Last year was no different as 65 percent of all growers rated weeds the most serious production problem in 2003. Kochia and pigweed were the two most serious weed problems. Lambsquarters was a distant third as 6 percent of growers rated it the most difficult weed to control. Dr. Alan Dexter outlined steps to follow to improve level of weed control when using micro-rates in 2004 at the winter MBA meetings. This Ag Notes outlines options to consider that maximize weed control with mirco-rates in 2004.

Model Farm Losses to Weed Competition


Economic Impact of Weed Control to ACSC 

Response% Acres Reported$/Acre LostTotal Revenue Lost
Poor 4 160 $3,200,000
Fair 24 80 $9,600,000
Good 54 40 $10,800,000
Excellent 18 0 $0
TOTAL:     $23,600,000

2002 NDSU Grower Survey/Model Farm Data

Steps to Maximizing Weed Control:

  • Use a Soil Applied Herbicide

    • PRE or PPI Dual Magnum
    • Nortron, Etho SC, Ethotron 
  • Use Conventional Rates Post Applied

    • Better on hard to kill weeds like Kochia
    • Best on large weeds
    • Apply late in the day to avoid crop injury 
  • Apply PRE Roundup

    • Kill all emerged weeds before beet emergence 
  • Add Extra Nortron or Generics to Micro-Rate

    • Can add an extra 12 oz. per season
    • Four ounces in first three micro-rates works best 
  • Use a Layby Herbicide

    • Dual Magnum applied at the 4-leaf stage works well 
  • Use Z64 Adjuvant in the Microrate After Sugarbeet Have Four Leaves

    • Maximizes control of large weeds
    • Larger beets have minimal crop injury 
  • Add Extra Stinger For Selected Weeds

    • Increases control of lambsquarters, lanceleaf sage, thistles 
  • Rotary Hoe or Harrow When Beets Are Large Enough 
  • Use Hand Labor If Necessary


Caution Advised With New Formulations

Bayer Crop Science is introducing new formulations of Betamix and Progress in 2004. REMEMBER these new products contain twice as much active ingredient as the old formulations. Use only ½ as much product to achieve the same level of weed control.

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