ISSUE #453

Answers to Questions About "Dual Magnum" and "Outlook" for 2004


Q. Will Outlook be available in 2004?

A. No, it will not be available in 2004 and any use on sugarbeets will be illegal.

Q. Why won't Outlook be available?

A. It will not receive a section 18 label in 2004. Primarily because Dual Magnum has a full section 3 label for layby use.

Q. What was done to get an Outlook label in 2004?

A. Dr. Alan Dexter submitted a section 18 request to both Minnesota and North Dakota this winter realizing it was very difficult to make a strong science based case for another section 18. The Minnesota and North Dakota Departments of Agriculture refused to forward these section 18 requests on to EPA.

Q. What else can be done to justify a section 18?

A. Nothing else can be done. Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative made a second attempt to apply for another section 18 using different arguments and it was also rejected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Q. Should political pressure be brought to bear on state departments of agriculture and EPA?

A. Certainly not, the sugarbeet industry of Minnesota and North Dakota would lose a great deal of credibility with these agencies. An Outlook section 18 does not adequately meet any of the three main criteria needed to receive a section 18. These criteria are 1) no suitable alternative herbicides are available 2) a specific pest is expected to cause significant economic loss and 3) the pest problem is not routine.

Q. How does Dual Magnum compare to Outlook for layby use?

A. They are very similar in weed control spectrum. Minor differences exist where one product may outperform the other depending on circumstances.

Q. What are some differences between Dual Magnum and Outlook?

A. It takes about ΒΌ inch more rainfall to fully activate Dual Magnum. It will degrade slightly faster if left on the soil surface without rainfall or incorporation after application.

Q. How would use of PRE Nortron or ethofumesate generics compare to Dual Magnum and Outlook as layby products?

A. Use of Nortron PRE will very likely give better overall weed control especially of Kochia. At plant Nortron or its generic equivalents should eliminate the need for layby herbicide use in most situations.

Q. Will layby Dual Magnum cause more injury than layby Outlook?

A. Crop injury should be very similar given similar weather conditions.

Q. What were growers experiences like with Dual Magnum and Outlook layby use in 2003?

A. Growers rated layby Dual Magnum nearly as good as layby Outlook. Seventy-one percent had good or excellent weed control with layby Dual Magnum versus 75% for those using Outlook.

Q. Where can I get my questions answered about Dual Magnum use for 2004?

A. Your agriculturist, consultant, Syngenta sales staff, or Dr. Alan Dexter can answer most questions about layby Dual Magnum use in 2004.

Q. Will Outlook have a layby label in 2005?

A. Outlook is scheduled to have an EPA review in the fourth quarter of 2004. However, BASF may give Outlook a higher priority for review in 2005 making it much more likely it will receive a full section 3 label.

Q. Will Dual Magnum be available for PPI or PRE use applications in 2004?

A. Yes, North Dakota and Minnesota Departments of Agriculture have approved a 24c indemnified special local needs label for Dual Magnum.

Q. How does an indemnified 24c label registration work?

A. Any grower wishing to use PPI or PRE Dual Magnum will have to sign an indemnification agreement assuming all liability for crop injury or lack of weed control.

Q. When will growers be able to sign these forms and get a label for PPI or PRE use?

A. Forms should be available from the agricultural staff the week of April 5. Contact them for additional details of how to signup.

Q. What do I need to know before deciding to use Dual Magnum as a PPI or PRE application?

A. Growers should review the past research by Dr. Alan Dexter and discuss the relative risk of PPI and PRE use with your agriculturist. The agriculturists observed crop injury and weed control efficacy in many fields in 2003 and can discuss those observations with you. Points to consider include 1) use rate; 2) soil type; 3) timing of Dual Magnum use; and 4) sugarbeet seeding rate.

Q. Can my agriculturist recommend I use Dual Magnum as a PPI or PRE application?

A. Syngenta and American Crystal Sugar Company staff CANNOT recommend PPI or PRE use. They can only provide useful information so growers can make better informed decisions.

No Outlook In 2004

Remember it is illegal to use Outlook on sugarbeets in Minnesota and North Dakota in 2004.

Eminent Receives Sixth Section 18

The sugarbeet industry of Minnesota and North Dakota needs to be very grateful EPA reversed a decision in February and will grant Minnesota and North Dakota a sixth consecutive section 18. This section 18 is far more important to the Red River Valley sugarbeet industry than an Outlook section 18 for 2004.