ISSUE #448

448 The 2003 Crop - Success Despite Challenges


Shareholders are to be congratulated for producing a wonderful crop despite many challenges of the weather. Agronomic practices are clearly being put in place that minimize the impact of adverse weather on the crop. Growers are encouraged to participate in winter educational opportunities that will continue to lead to improved on-farm profit in 2004.

Best Management Practices Evident In 2003:

  • Selection of the right variety for each field
  • Early planting following good seedbed preparation
  • Excellent stand establishment of recommended plant populations
  • Very good control of yield robbing weeds
  • Good cercospora control in most fields

Winter Grower Seminar Format Change:

The NDSU/U of MN winter grower seminars will consist of a two day intensive sugarbeet production workshop in 2004. The theme will be "MAKING BOTTOMLINE ADVANCEMENTS." Many new topics will be discussed. These two day seminars replace the usual one day meeting of recent years. Workshop brochures will be sent out about January 1st to all shareholders actively producing sugarbeets. Pre-registration is requested. To register now contact your agriculturist or ag office coordinator for a meeting brochure. Allied industry personnel are also encouraged to participate in these meetings.

Rhizomania Variety Selection:

Rhizomania variety evaluations were done in both on-farm strip trials and coded variety trials in 2004. At least two varieties performed very well in strip trials, but had poor performance in the coded trials. Be sure to look at all data and talk to your agriculturist before choosing a rhizomania resistant variety in 2004.

New Tachigaren Rate Labeled:

EPA granted a labeled rate of 20-30 grams of Tachigaren / unit of seed in November. This rate should be used only in fields with light to medium levels of Aphanomyces infection. Cost savings are realized because pelleted seed is not required.

Contact your agriculturist to discuss use of low rates of Tachigaren.

2003 Detailed Harvest Data:Yield and Quality by Home Station - 2003 Crop


Sidney Sugar Crop:

  • Ton/Acre - 23.7
  • Sugar % - 18.82
  • Tare % - 7.73
  • Total Tons Harvested - 976,424

Tare includes soil and top tare combined.

2003 was one of the best crops harvested at Sidney.

NDSU/U of MN Survey: Please fill out and return your survey at once. You may do so on-line if you prefer to.