ISSUE #421

421 - Outlook Herbicide - Section 18 Approved for MN and ND in 2002


A Section 18 for OUTLOOK® Herbicide has been approved for use in sugar beets for help in controlling waterhemp and Powell amaranth. Outlook herbicide may also help control other select annual broadleaf weeds and grasses. Outlook herbicide is a shoot inhibiting herbicide that controls susceptible germinating weeds. Weeds that have emerged will not be controlled. Outlook should be strongly considered in fields with lower than expected plant populations.

Application Tips:

  • Rates: Fine-textured soils: 18-21 fluid oz/a.
  • Timing: Sugarbeets – 2-12 true leaf stage. Sugarbeet plants must have at least 2 fully expanded leaves (3rd and 4th leaf showing) before application of Outlook. Temporary crop injury may occur with Outlook on sugarbeet. Visual injury symptoms are temporary and decrease with applications on larger beet plants.
  • Application volume: Ground – 15-20 gpa, air – 5 gpa.
  • Moisture is required for activation of the herbicide. If rain is not received within 7 days of application, a light harrow or rotary hoe can enhance performance.
  • Micro-rate tank-mix – Outlook may be applied in a single application with current micro-rate herbicide programs. Increased crop response (temporary visual injury) may occur when tank-mixing with other herbicides.

Weed Control Ratings for Preemergence Applications of OUTLOOK.

Good to ExcellentGoodFair to GoodFairPoorNone
G. Foxtail Field Sandbur Barnyard Grass V. Grain W. Oat Quackgrass
Y. Foxtail     Proso Millet Wild Buchwheat Cockelbur
Redroot Pigweed     Lambsquarters Kochia Lanceleaf Sage
      W. Mustard Smart Weed Marshelder
      E. Black Nightshade R. Thistle C. Ragweed
          W. Sunflower
          C. Thistle

* Ratings from 2002 NDSU Weed Control Guide

Outlook and Microrate Tank Mixing Order:

Mixing: Clean water, Basic Blend adjuvant, Upbeet (pre-slurried), Betanex/Betamix/Progress, Outlook, Stinger, grass herbicide, methylated seed oil.

OPTION Herbicide A Good fit In Sugarbeet Rotations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • New OPTION® herbicide is a broad-spectrum post corn herbicide
  • OPTION® provides excellent control of foxtails and other tough annual grasses plus perennial grasses including quackgrass
  • OPTION® also provides key broadleaf weed control including velvetleaf, redroot pigweed, and nightshade
  • OPTION® allows rotation flexibility to all crops including soybeans, sugarbeets, and cereals

Bradley replaces Lamey as NDSU Row Crops Plant Pathologist:

421.bradleyCarl grew up on a corn / soybean / wheat farm in Southeastern Illinois, on which his dad and brother still farm. He attended Southern Illinois University for a B.S., majoring in Plant and Soil Science. He attended the University of Illinois for M.S. and Ph.D. degrees working with Dr. Wayne Pedersen (North Dakota native) on soybean diseases. From Feb. 2001 to March 2002, he worked for the University of Idaho at the Kimberly Research and Extension Center on a research program on wheat and barley root rot diseases. Carl took over Art Lamey's position at NDSU on April 1, 2002.


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