ISSUE #403

403 - Harvest Management Tool Now Available


Q. Which agronomic practices most impact yield and quality at harvest?

Q. How can shareholders determine which fields to harvest during prepile to most improve on-farm profits?

Q. What should be my order of harvest of fields during the stockpile period to deliver the best yield and quality to maximize beet crop revenue?

Assistance with answers to these questions and even more information is available by utilizing the American Crystal "Harvest Calculator". Factors considered to determine recommended order of harvest for prepile and stockpile include:

  • Variety
  • Available nitrogen amount
  • Planting date
  • Plant population
  • Cercospora severity
  • Root rot severity
  • Headlands management

Other information provided involves:

  • Impact of hail on harvest decisions
  • Influence of harvest methods
  • Soil type considerations

Shareholders input their specific field information into the "Harvest Calculator." Each factor is then assigned a point value based on research data. The fields are then numerically ranked and a suggested order of harvest recommended. Three fields can be compared to each other at any given time.

To access the calculator go to, click on agronomy, and then click on Ag Calculators and finally click on the "Harvest Calculator". The calculator is very easy to access and use. Contact your agriculturist for more information or answers to questions about the "Harvest Calculator".

Cercospora Management