Weed Control

Weed Control

Weed control is a critical part of sugarbeet production. Proper timing, as well as responsible herbicide usage to avoid resistant weeds, is needed for both short term and long term profitability. Being on time with herbicide applications gives the herbicide the greatest impact for control; it is always advantageous to control small weeds rather that larger ones even when using Round-up®/Glyphosate.

Using only Roundup® throughout your crop rotation is a recipe for disaster. Combat weed resistance by scouting fields to identify escapes, tank mix herbicides with different modes of action (MOA), and rotate herbicide MOA in consecutive years. Good crop rotations help accomplish this and having wheat or barley is also beneficial. The main goal is to prevent weed seed production.

Weed Control

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Herbicide Rate Calculator
This application will help the user calculate herbicide rates and cost per acre. Be sure to check out the reference sheets available. They provide additional information on micro rates, conventional rates, preharvest intervals, field reentry intervals and rainfast.