A Responsibility to Our Neighbors and Ourselves

American Crystal Sugar Company and the Environment

Preserving the environment and being a good neighbor is a priority for American Crystal Sugar Company. American Crystal Sugar Company is committed to reducing the overall effect of our operations on the environment and community. We are proud of our history of stewardship but also recognize the increasingly high expectations of our neighbors, customers, and other stakeholders.

American Crystal Sugar Company is committed to not only complying with regulatory requirements, but also seeks opportunities to continuously minimize our footprint on the natural environment. Over the years we have made substantial investments of capital, time, and effort to improve our environmental performance. These investments have resulted in numerous performance improvements, including:

  • Significant improvements in energy utilization
  • Participation in numerous industry, trade, and community stakeholder groups to develop and implement best practices regarding environmental performance
  • Leadership in sugarbeet production and storage innovations
  • Expanded and enhanced treatment processes
  • Development of alternative use options for production residuals

Continuous improvement is a theme throughout our organization, and it relates directly to our stewardship of the environment. American Crystal will continue to seek and deploy environmental performance improvements. These actions will further reduce air emissions, improve water discharge quality, increase beneficial reuse of residuals, and reduce energy requirements.

Our values are incorporated throughout the organization. American Crystal Sugar Company conducts itself with high regard to our communities and the environment in which we live and work.

For more on our environmental efforts, read our frequently asked questions. 

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