Moorhead Factory

Moorhead Factory Specs


Address: 2500 North 11th Street, Moorhead, MN 56560


Annual Beet Slice 1,500,000 tons
Average Beet Slice per day in campaign 6,000 tons
Annual Sugar Production 4,500,000 cwt.
Average sugar production per day in campaign 18,500 cwt.
Number of Campaign Days : 250 - 275 days


Year Built: 1948

Major Renovations/upgrades/additions:

  1990 - Replaced rotary drum filters with Putsch membrane presses
  2002 - Factory Automation Phase I
  2003 - Factory Automation Phase II
  2003 - Waste Water Pond Cover Installation
  2009 - Roller Spray Table
  2011 - Replace Slope Diffuser With New BMA Tower and Cossette Mixer
  2013 - Boilerhouse MACT Stokers and Overfire Air System


Number of year round employees: 250  
Number of campaign employees: 70  
Total number of employees: 320  

Agricultural Information

Number of shareholders producing: 600  
Number of acres planted: 101,849 acres  
Tons of beets produced: 1,964,552 tons  
Piling Locations: Moorhead, Casselton, Amenia, Kindred, Perley, Felton, Sabin, Lychberg, Glyndon, Hitterdal  

Packaging / Warehousing

Number of different labels and products packaged: 275 to 300 different products  
Hundredweight packaged: 2.5 Million cwt. packaged  
Hundredweight bulk shipments: 2 Million cwt.  

By-products sold annually

Bulk Pulp pellets: 89,000 tons (cattle feed in Europe and Japan)  
Molasses: 85,000 tons (cattle feed, fermentation and binding agent)  


Size of Community: 39,000