Hillsboro Factory

Hillsboro Factory Specs


Physical Location: 121 Highway 81 North NE, Hillsboro, ND
Mailing Address: 121 Highway 81 NE, Hillsboro, ND 58045


Annual Beet Slice 2,500,000 tons
Average Beet Slice per day in campaign 9,200 - 9,400 tons
Annual Sugar Production 8,500,000 cwt.
Average sugar production per day in campaign 28,500 cwt.
Number of Slice Campaign Days 260 - 275 days
Number of Juice Campaign Days 80 – 90 days


Year Built: 1973

Major Renovations/upgrades/additions:

  1997 - Factory Expansion, (new diffuser, carb, water treatment)

1998 - Molasses Desugarization Plant


Number of year round employees: 225
Number of campaign employees: 55
Total number of employees: 280

Agricultural Information

Number of shareholders producing: 492 
Number of acres planted: 70,757 acres
Tons of beets produced: 1,402,421 tons
Piling Locations: Hillsboro, Midway, Ada (north), Ada (west), Waukon, Reynolds.

Packaging / Warehousing

Number of different labels and products packaged: 24 labels, 4 pound packages
Hundredweight packaged: 1.5 Million cwt. packaged
Hundredweight bulk shipments: 7 Million cwt.

By-products sold annually

Bulk Pulp pellets: 96,000 tons (cattle feed in USA, Europe and Japan)
Molasses: 100,000 tons (cattle feed & fermentation)


Size of Community: 1,500