Crookston Factory

Crookston Factory Specs


Physical Location: Highway 75 South, Crookston Minnesota
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 600, Crookston, MN 56716


Annual Beet Slice 1,540,000 tons
Average Beet Slice per day in campaign 5,900 tons
Annual Sugar Production 4,700,000 cwt.
Average sugar production per day in campaign 18,000 cwt.
Number of Campaign Days 260-275 days


Year Built: 1954

Major Renovations/Upgrades/Additions

  1999 - Diffuser Upgrade
  2000 - Beet Feeder Wheel
  2002 - Horizontal Crystallization Upgrade
  2003 - New Cossette & Bulk Scale



Number of year round employees: 160
Number of campaign employees: 100
Total number of employees: 260
Agricultural Information
Number of shareholders producing: 302
Number of acres planted: 59,794 acres
Tons of beets produced: 1,284,934 tons
Piling Locations: Crookston, Nielsville, Warren, Scandia, Eldred, O'Meara

Packaging / Warehousing

Number of different labels and products packaged: Pulp (2) Sugar 32
Hundredweight packaged: 1.5 Million cwt. packaged
Hundredweight bulk shipments: 3 Million cwt.

By-products sold annually

Bulk Pulp pellets: 50,000 tons (cattle feed in Europe and Japan)
Packaged Pulp pellets: 16,000 tons
Molasses: 70,000 tons (cattle feed, fermentation and binding agent, Iams pet food, elk farms, deer farms)


Size of Community: 9,000