The Value of Safety

The Value of Safety

Lisa Borgen, VP Administration

Have you ever asked yourself, “What do I VALUE?”  The answer probably is my family, my health, my job, etc.   We value what is vitally important and precious to us – the things that define who we are. 

At American Crystal Sugar Company, we VALUE producing quality sugar products SAFELY. But, what exactly is SAFETY?  Is it luck, or the absence of accidents?  We took a refresher course last week to highlight the value of safety in our workplace with ProAct Safety Coaching.  We were reminded that safety is: knowing the risks of a task, knowing the precautions to reduce the risk and ALWAYS taking the precautions


Sounds simple – but in an agricultural/ manufacturing/packaging environment there are numerous potential dangers.  Large machines, many moving parts, hot steam, hot juice, hot water, belts and valves and a myriad of other hazards – all which require precautions in order to work safely.

We also learned that if we improve in four behavior areas, we will improve our safety culture and our accident record. Thus, the H.E.L.P. Safety Coaching is born!


Our leaders in all areas are committed to focusing on coaching our teams to be aware of these behaviors.  Over the next weeks and months we will be talking about HELP Safety Coaching with everyone in the organization.  We will be coaching for performance, and will be monitoring our results.  From the top executives to the hourly workforce, HELP will be our focus – to ensure that we work safe, are aware of risks and make choices that reflect our VALUE of Safety.