Chicago Sugar Storage Project: Update March 31, 2016

Chicago Sugar Storage Project: Update March 31, 2016

By Teresa Warne, Vice President - Finance

Work is well underway in Montgomery, IL where American Crystal is building a new sugar trans-loading facility.   American Crystal has contracted Dome Technology to build a concrete dome capable of storing 1.3 million hundred weight of sugar, that’s approximately 3 Weibull bins combined!  The dome will be the first built in the USA and the 3rd in the world for storing sugar.

The project will include a trans-loading building where full railcars of sugar can be unloaded at a rate of 1 car per hour.  The stored sugar will then be re-loaded to bulk sugar trucks at a rate of 4 trucks per hour.  Overall, the facility will be capable of moving up to 5 million hundredweight of sugar each year.

Dome Technology recently inflated a 134’ tall x 183’ diameter airform which is attached to a concrete ring.  The airform will now have insulation, rebar, concrete and coatings applied from the inside to build up its structure. 

Below is the new dome on the day it was inflated:



See the progress at our new dome facility.

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