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610 - Variety Selection & OVT’s

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Official Coded Variety Performance Trial Data

American Crystal 2019 Official Variety Trial (OVT) data for varieties approved for crop year 2020

Many have already purchased seed for the 2020 crop, but it is still important to review the OVT data to make sure that varieties selected offer the appropriate characteristics of disease tolerance, yield and sugar quality for placement on each unique field on your farm.

OVT trial data can be downloaded in a PDF document or an Excel file. Both have the same data sorted in 8 different ways. Color coded disease tolerance ratings help to distinguish visually between degrees of tolerance differences.

OVT data is sorted the following ways each on a separate sheet by:

  • Seed Company
  • Rev/Ton
  • Rev/Acre
  • Aphanomyces Tolerance Rating
  • Rhizoctonia Tolerance Rating
  • Fusarium Tolerance Rating
  • Cercospora Tolerance Rating
  • Emergence Percent

Downloading the Excel version will allow you to create your own sorts to examine the data as well.

Considerations on Variety Placement

  • Past years variety performance on your farm.
  • History of disease presence in fields to be planted in 2020.
  • Field’s production characteristics:
    • Below average sugar / above average tons – consider higher sugar variety to optimize recoverable sugar/acre.
    • Above average sugar / below average tons – consider higher yielding variety to optimize recoverable sugar/acre.
  • Pre-pile designated fields, headlands and splits – high sugar varieties to maximize Pre-pile Premium
  • Field distance from piling site/factory – if long distance, consider higher sugar, moderate tonnage varieties to help lower transportation costs.

Township Disease Severity Maps & Recommendations

Links to general observations on disease presence & management recs for:

As always, please contact your Agriculturist with any questions.