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596 - Focus On Canopy Health to Maximize Yield

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For the 2015 production year, remember to remain vigilant in keeping your sugarbeet canopy healthy to maximize photosynthetic potential.  On the Ag side of American Crystal Sugar Company, we are tasked/involved with two essential seasons: First, the production season and second, the storage season.  Sugar and yield result from photosynthesis and keeping your “solar panels” in the best shape increases your ability to maximize sugar and yield.  As you have been accustomed to seeing in previous years, from the mining of our database, three applications of fungicides continues to not only maximize production, these fungicide applications also aid in reducing sugar respiration losses in our long-term storage piles.  Three fungicide applications (see 5-Year average tables below) return the highest yields and sugar content and therefore highest returns in dollars per ton and per acre.  Stay on top of your Cercospora management, and focus on three fungicide applications.  Don’t put yourself in the position of kicking yourself for not investing in three sprays for your crop.  Once the sugarbeets are in the pile, it’s too late to make that third Cercospora fungicide investment.

Cercospora Fungicide Crop Data

All American Crystal Sugar Company data and beet payment information is based on 5-year averages (2010-2014)

Yield And Sugar Content by Number of Applications
# of Apps Tons/Acre Percent Sugar
1 23.2 17.71
2 24.8 17.94
3 25.7 18.29


Revenue Per Ton/Acre by Number of Applications
# of Apps $/Ton $/Acre
1 54.51 1,265
2 56.06 1,390
3 57.93 1,489

2015 Cercospora Control Recommendations

Late July to Early August (3 Spray Program)

  • Application 1- Triazole or TPTH + Triazole
  • Application 2- TPTH or TPTH + Benzimidazole
  • Application 3- Headline/Priaxor (apply Aug 25 through 1st week of September)

Early to Mid-August (2 Spray Program)

  • Application 1- TPTH + Triazole or TPTH + Benzimidazole
  • Application 2- Headline/Priaxor (apply Aug 25 through 1st week of September)

Late August (1 Spray Program)

  • Headline/Priaxor + TPTH (apply Aug 25 through 1st week of September) or
  • Headline/Priaxor + Triazole (apply Aug 25 through 1st week of September)

*Benzimidazoles should be used only once per season and never alone.
**In tank mixing order, dry formulations go in first followed by liquids.

Fungicide Chart

We’ve Got Agronomy Apps for That
The American Crystal Sugar Agronomy App is available for further Cercospora management and DIV (Daily Infection Values) readings for your nearest NDAWN station.