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552 - Pest Alerts by Text Message

The Agriculture and I/T departments at American Crystal Sugar Company have cooperated with the NDSU NDAWN system managers to develop several pest alert programs for this growing season. The pest alerts will be available to shareholders, agriculturists, and allied industry. The pest alerts are designed to be an early warning system for onset of pending disease and insect problems. The overall objective is to provide real time information to maximize effectiveness of pesticide applications.

Manage the following pests more effectively with timely text message alerts.

Which Pest Alerts Will Be Available?

1. Soil temperature for Rhizoctonia fungicide timing.

2. GDD for application of second insecticide granules for root maggots.

3. GDD for peak fly emergence and post emergence insecticide applications

4. Daily infection value alerts for very favorable Cercospora development conditions.

What Message Will Alerts Convey?

1. Soil temperature for Rhizoctonia fungicide timing.

  • One alert when "a 2 day average soil temperature reaches 60ºF
  • One alert when "a 2 day average soil temperature reaches 65ºF
  • One alert when "a 2 day average soil temperature reaches 70ºF

2. Second insecticide granule timing for root maggot when accumulated soil GDD reaches 450.

3. An alert just before peak root maggot fly emergence based on accumulated soil GDD of 590.

4. An Advisory regarding favorable weather for Cercospora "each time a 2 day, daily infection value is 7 or greater".

How Will Shareholders Sign Up To Receive Pest Alerts?

  • Sign up at
  • Click the Shareholder Records link
  • Enter Username and Password
  • Click the Pest Alert Registration button at the bottom left of the page
  • Select which alerts you want to receive
  • Select which NDAWN stations you wish to receive alerts from (select a maximum of 5 NDAWN stations).
  • Select which cell phone provider you use
  • Designate your cell phone number

Can Allied Industry Access These Pest Alerts?

  • Yes - the alerts will also be provided to allied industry.
  • You will be emailed an Xcel spreadsheet to select the specified alerts you desire.
  • You can select a maximum of 5 NDAWN stations
  • Fill in the phone number you want to use and your cell phone provider and email the spreadsheet back to Kathy will then register you to receive the alerts.

Planter Test Stand
Test stands are still available at EGF Quality Lab or ACSC beet seed plant location. Make arrangements with your Ag staff.

Alltel to AT&T Conversion
Growers that have already made the transition to AT&T should contact the Ag Dept. to change cellphone providers. Any growers listed as Alltel after May 18th will be automatically switched to AT&T. If ACSC does not have your correct cell phone provider you will not receive Company text messages.

Thank You:
A very special thanks to the NDSU - NDAWN System Team for assisting American Crystal Sugar Company with automated weather information to make these pest alerts possible.