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Harvest 2023

Drayton Daily Harvest Information

Thursday, September 21   8am

Drayton Yard - The Drayton yard is closed today. Watch for update on Sunday afternoon for group 6 reopen date and time. 

St.Thomas - St.Thomas is closed today. The station will reopen for group 3 at 8am Wednesday 9/27. Quota is 5.4 TPA

Hamilton - Hamilton is open for group 1. Quota is 2.0 TPA

       -group 2 prepile harvest Sep 25-27 Quota for site is 2.0 TPA

Humboldt - Humboldt prepile harvest is complete.

McArthur - McArthur prepile harvest is complete.

Kennedy - Kennedy prepile harvest is complete. 

Grafton - Grafton prepile harvest is complete.

Stephen -Stephen prepile harvest is complete.

Bathgate - Bathgate prepile harvest is complete.

*Crop size, weather, actual factory slice and beet inventory can change the dates or the grower rotation. Please watch for text messages, check the internet or call the phone recording at 1 888 225-2338.










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Drayton Ag Staff
Name Cell # Office # Email Address
Justin Krieg 701-212-6143 701-454-3238 jkrieg@crystalsugar.com
Chad Wardner 701-520-0212 701-454-3246 cwardner@crystalsugar.com
Holly Kowalski 701-265-2648 701-454-3242 hkowalsk@crystalsugar.com
Bruce Mayland 701-520-0328 701-454-3245 bmayland@crystalsugar.com  
Dan Vagle 701-520-1195 701-454-3228 dvagle@crystalsugar.com
Tyler Hegg 218-791-5374 701-454-3216 thegg@crystalsugar.com
Nolan Rockstad 218-478-4326 701-454-3240 nrocksta@crystalsugar.com  
Thomas Cymbaluk 701-331-4108 701-454-3219 tjcymbal@crystalsugar.com
Alysia Osowski 701-520-2621 701-454-3255 aosowski@crystalsugar.com
Christine Henke 701-215-1428 701-454-3248 chenke@crystalsugar.com