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CRYSTAL SUGAR Family of Products

At 15 calories per teaspoon, CRYSTAL SUGAR is the pure ingredient you count on for great taste. Our naturally fat-free CRYSTAL SUGAR has been a flavorful part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle since 1899. Put goodness in all that you make. Use the brand America bakes with, CRYSTAL SUGAR.

10lb., 4lb. and 5lb. Granulated Sugar Bag Our fine Granulated Sugar is our most versatile sugar. It is the perfect sugar for a wide range of uses from baking to sweetening drinks.
2lb. Powdered Sugar Poly Bag Our Powdered Sugar has 10 calories per teaspoon. Its’ small uniform particle size creates smooth texture that can be used for all types of cooking including icing and dusting, candies and decoration. Our powdered sugar is 97% beet sugar and 3% cornstarch.
2lb. Light Brown Sugar Poly Bag Our Light Brown Sugar has a sweet and mild caramel flavor and color. Its’ exceptional taste and aroma is the result of the unique formulation of the brown sugar. Our brown sugar is made with granulated beet sugar and cane molasses.

2lb. Dark Brown Sugar Poly Bag Our Dark Brown Sugar is perfectly formulated to provide a rich, full-bodied molasses flavor and color. Our brown sugar is made with granulated beet sugar and cane molasses.