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Crystal Lime contains Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulfur nutrients.
Please check the nutrients you are most interested in.

Crystal Lime also has a buffering capacity for low pH soils.
If your field has a pH less than 6.5, check the box to the right.
What is the haul distance from the factory to your field?
Enter your cost of freight per ton mile (sample rate $0.16) $
What are the total number of acres to be spread?
What rate of lime do you intend to spread (tons - dry matter basis)?
How much will it cost per acres to apply the lime? $
Nutrient Value
Total value per acre less hauling and application costs.
Total tons of Crystal Lime required for this field (at 35% moisture)*
Cost of freight
Total application cost
Cost per acre for freight and application of lime
*Crystal Lime is approximately 65% Dry Matter, adjustments to the total tons required are reflected by this moisture content.
Crystal Lime adds additional value with minor amounts of the following nutrients: Zn, Mg, Fe, Cu, and B
Crystal Lime has shown to reduce the effects of Aphanomyces in sugarbeet fields. Refer to the Lime Fact Sheet to learn more about this effect.